Dealing with increasing complexity

Hoover Dam (1931)
Average PPP Project (2019)
Pages 172 13,500
Defined terms 8 5,000
References to defined terms 1,416 100,000
Clause to clause links 481 16,000
Obligations 172 4,500

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The Affinitext Difference

Without Affinitext
Static Documents
With Affinitext
Intelligent Documents

Contracts are complex and difficult to navigate

Relying on paper and PDF versions, the reader must piece together related clauses, defined terms, amendments and supporting documentation when considering an issue. This is hugely risky, and prone to error, and a waste of time and money.

Easy to navigate

Pop-up definitions, clause to clause links and up-to-date versions of the contracts mean no more hunting for what you need.

Fully up-to-date contracts

99% of organisations DO NOT have access to up-to-date versions of their contracts. The result is that people don’t have a quick or complete understanding of the contract. Has a defined term been amended? Does this clause still apply? Are we still required to pay for that?

100% of users have access to fully conformed, up-to-date versions of their contracts with amendments and variations incorporated into the IDF text. Track through the history of each clause at the click of a button.


Search is limited to finding the documents that contain the search term. The reader must then open the relevant documents and search again to identify all instances of that term appearing. The reader must then try to locate the relevant instance.

Powerful search allows users to search across a contract, project and/or portfolio of projects. Filter and preview results and be directed to the relevant instance.

Obligations and entitlements

Identifying contractual obligations and entitlements is critical, but is so costly and resource intensive that 90% of organisations do not have a comprehensive list of their obligations and entitlements. This is an unacceptable business risk.

Instantly identify all contractual obligations and entitlements to easily determine how they are to be managed. Tasks are instantly created against the relevant clauses to enable proactive management via Just-In-Time reminders from the relevant clause and tracked in a real-time database. Compliance history is captured at each clause for audit purposes.

Corporate Knowledge

An organisation retains less than 20% of the knowledge acquired by its people when those people move on.

An organisation retains 80% of the knowledge acquired by its people when those people move on. Lessons learned easily captured and shared.

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