December is a manic month; excessive Christmas carols, end-of-year functions, and the irrational significance you attribute to getting just the right $20 present for Ken in accounts, whose name you picked out of the Secret Santa hat, and who you promptly needed to have pointed out to you in the crowd.


This is all before the real fear and loathing creeps in about the likelihood that you will end up being seated next to aunt Mildred’s new partner at Christmas lunch, who still wants to talk about bitcoin and appears poised to break out his phone at any moment to take you through every single picture of their recent caravan holiday.

Under this kind of pressure, the last thing you need is to forget something important you need to stay on top of at work.

Put your mind at ease with these 4 steps to prepare for the Holidays with Affinitext:

1. Task Manager

Access your Task Manager report in Affinitext and filter it using the Target Date option, showing the tasks that you and your team have falling due during the break. Complete, reassign or reschedule the tasks as necessary to ensure your time away is blissfully uncluttered by concern for the professional equivalent of “did I leave the iron on?”. PS if you haven’t populated your task report, then set a task reminder for the new year to contact Affinitext to learn more about Task Finder.

2. Capture & share knowledge

Ensure you have captured and shared any relevant contract knowledge within the IDF document using the Notes function, so that you can unwind, knowing that the only thing you have to remember upon your return is your password to get into your computer (this may itself be a significant hurdle if you are anything like me after two weeks off).

3. Search

Run and save a Search, identifying clauses relevant to any issues that typically arise at this time of year, for quick reference upon your return.

4. Analysis Tracker

Use the Analysis Tracker to capture those clauses from your Saved Search that pose the greatest risk during your absence. Annotate the Track with your thoughts and queries, before sending it to your peers for review so that all are on the same page before any issues have arisen.

Happy holidays!

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