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Extract and protect the full value of your business critical documents.

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Your Challenge

Your business critical documents such as contracts and regulations are complex. This complexity represents a real and significant risk to not only the business, but your personal reputation. The risk of misinterpretations, the loss of corporate knowledge, instances of non-conformance or late conformance, and inefficiencies have for too long been treated as being part and parcel of your business. The result is you and/or your staff are operating at a sub-optimal level and the value of these documents is not being adequately protected.

The Solution

Affinitext protects the value of your documents by making them easy to read, understand and manage. Sleep easy at night, perform better during the day with Affinitext.

The industry standard has changed

Industry leaders are rapidly adopting Affinitext to mitigate risk and identify and act on opportunities as and when they present themselves. Affinitext is the new standard for finding, understanding and managing complex documents.

What our customers say

Affinitext is an invaluable tool!


The benefits of adopting IDF across our portfolio have been incredible. IDF continues to redefine industry's understanding of what constitutes best practice.


The huge benefits of Affinitext are realised early on.


Affinitext delivers real outcomes


Reduction of profit erosion


Reduction of inefficiency


Reduction of external legal fees


Reduction of number & cost of disputes

10 - 100x


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