You’re out-of-office is on, you’ve navigated the end-of-year social circuit unscathed (with the exception of a mild dose of Maria Carey-induced PTSD) and a well-earned rest is just around the corner.

And everything is as it should be… But you still can’t shake that sense of dread that you’ve missed something important. What unseen danger is lurking, ready to sneak into your inbox the moment you log off for a fortnight? This is the work-equivalent of “did I leave the iron on?” as your plane taxis onto the runway…

Follow these two quick Intelligent Document Format steps to set your mind at ease as you prepare for a break:

  • Access your library’s Compliance Dashboard to double-check upcoming or outstanding contractual obligations for yourself and your team. Filter the results in an instant by project, assignee and priority, allowing you to drill into the important ones in no time. Complete, reassign or follow-up, leaving your annual-leave blissfully absent of nagging doubt about your contractual obligations.
  • Create and share detailed instructions regarding event-driven contractual requirements with your team’s work-through staff, using the Analysis Tracker. The childless twenty-somethings, who are banking leave for a mid-year trip to somewhere warm (*sobs quietly*), will thank you. Your processes are in place, even in your absence. And you rest easy (a little too easy – pyjamas at lunchtime is pushing the boundaries of social-acceptance a little far, don’t you think?).

You don’t have to save this level of preparation and process-driven confidence for your holidays. Contact us to find out how IDF enables you and your team to search, understand and manage your complex contracts, leaving you to the business of managing your project, rather than worrying about it.

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