Developing and maintaining effective and lasting relationships with your contracting partners is a significant piece in the puzzle of establishing and growing your business’ brand.
Your business can have the best talent, tools and processes in the world, but still be susceptible to failure if it doesn’t have the right partners. Conversely, a good partner’s performance on a project can elevate perception of your own performance.

Take former NBA player Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets, who once famously and deftly explained to a neighbour who had stopped watching the game when the Rockets were 11 points down with less than a minute to play, how he and team-mate Tracy McGrady had combined for 15 points in 35 seconds to win the game. The only thing he left out was the part about how McGrady had score 13 of those points (in 33 seconds!) to his own 2, because why get bogged down in the details??

So how do you ensure that you are “partnership material” for your business partners? Relationships based on collaboration, mutual-benefit and trust are on a firmer footing than those based on performance alone. A critical way to manage that relationship is to ensure accuracy and communication are prioritised. Ensure your business partners always swipe right when dealing with your business by keeping your mutually-visible contracts up-to-date, easily navigable and knowledge-enriched with Affinitext’s Intelligent Document platform.

Reach out to find out how IDF can transform your contracts into a format recognised for enabling the highest standards of collaboration.

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