“I will never be a lawyer”

To say that I never wanted to be a lawyer would be an understatement. With a father who was a lawyer, I knew what a life in the law looked like (although admittedly, I would later learn that my father’s approach to practicing law was perhaps not reflective of the approach adopted by the broader legal fraternity). Regardless, as a kid it was a life that I wasn’t interested in pursuing.

Instead at 13 years old, as I began to sense that a career in the NBA was probably unlikely, Jerry Maguire hit the big screen. My future career was locked in – I was going to be a player manager. In pursuit of this vision, I undertook a Bachelor of Commerce (Sports Management) degree and did some casual work with IMG. I was on track to be the “Australian Jerry”.

“Ok, I’ll be a lawyer… but just for a little while”

During my third year of university, I picked up a couple of law subjects – sports law and employment law. It sparked an interest that I never knew I had. A few years later I had completed the Bachelor of Commerce degree, a Bachelor of Laws degree, my Articles at DLA Piper and was practicing as a lawyer in Dubai. What the…?

It had never been part of the plan and it was most certainly not the career I saw myself having. It was however a formative experience that highlighted to me the need for organisations and their people to be proactive in how they managed their contracts.

“It’s time to get Intelligent”

What’s the point of doing something you don’t love and are not passionate about? The answer: there is no point. I left the law and transitioned to Affinitext where we as a team share one single passion – to combine our industry experience with our superior AI technology to allow organisations and their staff to optimise performance and enhance understanding, allowing them to do more, make more and spend less.

We are proud to work with many of the world’s leading organisations and people as we make contract management, Intelligent.

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