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Michael Thomson, Managing Director, Affinitext


  1. Marion Terrill, Owain Emslie and Lachlan Fox, Grattan Institute, “Mega bang for mega bucks: Driving a harder bargain on mega projects” – (Accessed 7 June 2021)
  2. David Ulbrick, Tom Heading and Phillipa Beck, Pinsent Masons, “Grattan Institute gets it ‘wrong’ on driving value in infrastructure projects” – (Accessed 7 June 2021)
  3. Damian Christie, Quarry Magazine, “Marnie Evans: Overseeing the logistics, complexity of Inland Rail” – (Accessed 7 June 2021)

What is My Top 3 Project Reads?

At Affinitext, we are extremely focused on ensuring that we understand the challenges that our customers face. As a part of fulfilling this commitment, we try to keep abreast of the key content that has been produced on a monthly basis. Recognising that people often lack the time to actively seek out and digest this content, where possible, we want to bring this knowledge to you.

My Top 3 Project Reads is a series of monthly posts in which our Managing Director, Michael Thomson, reveals his top three pieces of content produced in the previous month. For this series, the focus is on material which relates to major, mega or giga projects.

If you’re interested to learn about how Affinitext can help you on your project, you may find our Major Projects site to be of interest >

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