Affinitext’s Intelligent Document Format (IDF) turns the challenge of understanding and managing complex documents, such as contracts, policy & guidelines, legislation and knowledge rich reports on its head.

IDF makes your documents work for you – driving a measurable step-change in efficiency and cost reduction, while at the same time delivering unparalleled improvements in performance.

Who’s using Affinitext?

Ministry of Defence
Public Transport Victoria

What our customers are saying

The efficiencies that Affinitext enables have delivered Public Transport Victoria a 25% productivity improvement.

Public Transport Victoria

MoD is working closely with Affinitext and our industry partners to implement IDF across numerous complex contracts, including many PPPs. Together, we are taking collaborative relationships, both internal and external, and collaborative contract management to completely new levels.

Ministry of Defence

The benefits of adopting IDF across our portfolio have been incredible. IDF continues to redefine industry's understanding of what constitutes best practice.


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